What is a blog? Do you want to know what it is?


What is a blog?
There are so many answers about what a blog is on the internet. But did you really know what the blog is?

I can tell you I don't know what a blog is.
I don't need to know what it is.
I knew one thing that I needed to write something out from my head to share with the world; that was the first time I wrote.

I was so happy when I wrote what I cared about, and people enjoyed it.

Do you need to know precisely to know what a blog is?

I think you don't!

You do not need to know much about it.

You do not need to care about it.

If you read too much, you can not go too far.

No one can go further than themselves and their knowledge but won't take any first step and make a decision about the starting point.

I mean, you won't do; you get nothing. 

If you care too much, you will feel so much worry. 

People always search for a way to make money, but they don't want to lose or don't want to start.

They just read the book to scour for the solution, but they just stop by and read, read, read without the dead end.
They don't go further than that.

There is no next move.

There is no other option than just reading and dreaming.

Do you need to know what a blog is?

Are you dreaming that you will win cash from the blog?

Are you dreaming of buying a fancy car or wearing a new fashion-style outfit?

I am really, really sure that you did.

And I advise you to know tiny and achieve big.

You don't need to care or know what a blog is.

You only need to know that you need to write something for yourself.

You need to know what you will write about.

You just need to begin to write.

And something called a blog is a place to start.

No matter what you write, just keep moving forward. 

And you once day will get all the results of what you do today.

Start you writing with a new blog now



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