What are some common mistakes while choosing a name for an online store?


Coming up with a fitting appellation for a web store is essential and needs to be noticed. However, whether or not they anticipate it, those involved in the selection process could find themselves causing a dip in business for the store if they were not careful. Here, we shall discuss some of the most common mistakes made when choosing a name for an online store and how to avoid them.

The first mistake many entrepreneurs make is to underestimate the importance of research. Creating a catchy and meaningful business name requires a fair amount of discovery. The store owners should check to ensure that another business has already claimed the name. Similarly, they should ensure that the name they are feeling is not trademarked to avoid potential legal troubles in the future.

Next, creating too long or too complicated a name can make it difficult for people to remember. Store owners should aim for a name that's clear, straightforward, and easy to pronounce. Many companies will abbreviate the company's official name to make it simpler and easier to remember.

Third, ensuring that the store's name doesn't send off the wrong message is crucial. A play on words may seem funny and clever, but if it doesn't accurately represent the business's product or services, it does more harm than good. Finally, the name must be associated positively with the store's branding.

Lastly, entrepreneurs should be mindful of how their company name will appear in search engine results. For example, if the name of a store shares similar words with other popular brands or websites, this can lead to its website showing up lower in the search engine. Therefore, store owners should include important keywords in the company's name to optimize its findability in search results.

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Overall, Creating a catchy name for an eCommerce store can be challenging but necessary. Entrepreneurs need to do their research, select a name that is not too long or complicated, avoids any potential off-message words, and ensures the name's findability in search engine results. Naming an eCommerce store can be difficult, yet entrepreneurs can create a unique and unforgettable label for their brand through mindful consideration.


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