Steps by Step Guides to Open Niche Fashion Blog and Brand


When creating a new fashion blog, there are seven steps that any guru fashion blogger must take to get things done.

Step 1: Choose Your Niche
Niche contents like 30's fashion styles, moms' fashion styles, fashion for women over 50, latest fashion styles for ladies, fashion styles for men in their 20s, unique fashion styles for men, and latest fashion styles for kids. 
When choosing a niche to start your blog, there are many fashion niches to select. I share with you above some of my analyzing niche targets that may attract people related to the niche target to visit your blog. In addition, you can find other niche content with some keywords tool of just using the search results typically.

Step 2: Set Up Web Hosting
Setting up web hosting is an easy process for creating your fashion blog. You can order hosting service here, check out, and then contact the support team to make it up for you. You can also need to call web hosting comes along with web design services to get things done easier. 
Web hosting is something like a ground and soy to grow a seed. Without a hosting service, the blog will not work correctly as expected. 

Step 3: Install WordPress
The hosting provider will offer you the step to Install WordPress if you hire a web design service. They will work all for you. You need to provide them with your blog name, blog description, your name, and some blog details. 

Otherwise, you won't hire a web design service; you can set it up by reading steps by guides on the resources and contents from the web hosting provider. You will feel easy if you know well about the WordPress installation process on hosting. But don't worry. There is always a function with one-click installation at web hosting until the setting process gets done.  

Step 4: Select Theme/Design
The hosting provider will offer you the Select Theme/Design step if you hire a web design service. They will work all for you.

You must select the template to cover your blog in the installation process. Or you can go inside your blog's dashboard to select a template. The blog template is something like what you decorate outside to let people think and feel about it. It is one of the critical keys to deciding your blogging success. It is important because your blog is a fashion blog, and you inspire people about fashion.

Step 5: Create a Content Strategy
When setting up a blog is done, you now need to create your blog content—writing about the content that you are so interested in and want people to interact with it.

Use your phone to make photoshoots to create content on your blog. Otherwise, you can hire a professional photographer to help you get a nice photo for your blog content.

Step 6: Promote on Social Media

Create your social channels, then share your fashion styles daily or weekly to interact with the audiences around you. Remember to attach your store or blog address to the profile where the social channels allow you to add your website address. And ensure that you don't post links of blog content to your blog social media post updates. Because your blog links are very messy, people will get away when they see long things. Instead, you can share it by shortening it down or creating a call-to-action word like read more, learn more, come over to my blog to discover more, and let people visit your blog.

It is always appreciated if your social media channels are your personal account with your name and natural face or your activities. Don't try to fool others by creating a name that makes no sense because it will not go anywhere else. If you are a business owner with a brand, you can open one more social media channel for your brand. But anyway, I think opening so many social channels for personal and for your brand is unnecessary because you have to handle it in double for so many channels to post and consume so much valuable time of yourself. If you are a business owner with employees, you can hire social management employees to manage posting content on your social media channels.

To create eye-catching video to post on your social media channel you need to use some video tools to make your video pop out from the crow.

This app is for creating short videos and converting text to video automation and significant effects, learn more.

This video app will help you edit long video content to post on your video channel and learn more

Step 7: Monetize Your Site
Suppose you want to make paid advertising on social channels before more sales or visitors. But this process is unnecessary because people will figure out your content in many ways when you have so many followers on your social media channels. You must ensure that content on your blog and social media channels is the key to success. Both of these places always need to update frequently. Social media channels are always needed to post daily. On your blog do not need to post daily; you can do it weekly, monthly, or one-time-only if your blog is one page to display your portfolio, sell a product, or share some information that does not need to update regularly.

I take a lot of time to write this content to help you know how to get started with your fashion blog and how to open the social media channel to get more followers. And you must make sure to take time to create inspiring content for people around you.


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