Look Back After 12 Years of Blogging Journey


If it weren't for the time I spent in 2007 writing my first blog post on a free blogging platform, I'm not sure where I would be today! At that time, blogging was only meant to connect with people around, but it has since blossomed into a powerful tool for sharing new things. I'm so proud of the blog I created, which allowed me to explore my interests and make friends. I have had many new connections since the first time I started to write my first blog. Now, more than 12 years later, I'm still excited to see the growing potential of blogging and the incredible changes it's made in my life! 

I can't believe that I have written word by word, and there are so many posts on my blog. How can I do that? 

I just remember that the first time of blogging, I just had a blog only and there was no social media network and nothing to entertain at all. A few years later, So many things came out, including some of my blogs from a free blogging platform; I had to say goodbye to them because the social media networks were born, and the old blogging platforms for free had to close the door of free blogging. I have to move my blog to the paid blogging platform, start my new blogging journey, and search for a way to get income online. 

I have to read many blogs from other bloggers to find out how to get money from the internet. Lucky to me, affiliate marketing and other types of income online also grow so fast in the same way social media networks were born. Finally, I have tried to start to make money online.

I have bought a web hosting platform, and selected my name, also called a domain name, for my blog. I'm so happy about this. Because this is the first time, I have made a blog with my own money and hosting. The free blogging platform has never given me the feeling of something valuable. I can't make any money with free hosting because it is very hard to reach the right people on the internet, which significantly limits the resources and features. I have tried to get money from free blogging but can't get anything. I think I can work on a hosting platform that takes control of myself. I don't want to take anything unhappy, like the sound of the closing door, for a free blog.

I have set up my blog on premium hosting resources to ensure my web content comes to the right place. Now, my blog is growing so quickly day by day. And I feel so happy because my hard work on my blog has replied to my request. 

I wrote this post to inspire you to have more effort into getting started on your new blogging journey.

And I hope you can get income from blogging to support your life, and a new passive income resources.


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