How To Start A Blog To Help My Life To Overcome Hard Times


You KNOW! Everyone had a tough time. But I've always been a fighter. 

I also need help to go through it. And blogging is a way to help me to start something new. 

It gives me more friends to share with me with help and supports all I need.

 I was so happy with the blogging connections. My life was full of colorful and happiness. 

I want to start the next phase of blogging to learn more, so I have written it daily. 

Until one day, I think I need to find a way to make money. 

That is my new journey to earn income to support my life. I write a lot of content on my blogs and get income. 

Finally, I got some results. 

It is not much, but enough for me to go through the time of lacking money.

I want to share my experiences, tips, and advice I've learned along the way to help you start a new blog to support your life.

I know I'm not a professional blogger.

I know I don't have good writing skills.

I know I did not graduate the college.

I know I only have my effort.

I work hard to start everything from scratch.

I make my blog from the beginning.

I have bought a domain name.

I have bought web hosting to start writing on a blog.

I have set up all the blog layouts for a good looking.

I have customized it for work accurately.

I have designed my own simple logo with text only.

I have written very short content.

I daily make it new!

I write more and more.

I create my social account.

I share my content and link on that.

I make videos and post them on social media networks.

I want to share my story with everyone to get started with a new blog.

I just write again and again about how to blog.

About how to start!

I won't go further than that.

Because I always know! How hard it could be.

How hard to go through something strange.

I know what you will face when you begin your blogging journey.

I think you won't need to discover many successful blogs to see how they make a blog.

To see how they win a lot of money.

I think you can start your own story.

Don't try to tell other success stories while you are still somewhere else without starting.

I have only one word to say to you that is START.

Start your blog.

Writing something about you and.

Sharing your story about your life.

Sharing your shopping experiences.

Sharing your travel adventure.

Share your photos that you took.

Sharing your space and content to let people read.

To let people know you well.

To make more friends.

To win more connections.

To let people help you.

To let them know your voice.

To let them follow you.

To let them read what you wrote.

People out here want to hear stories.

They want to know it.

They would love to read it.

I even pay money to read it.

They want to hear you by the way you inspire them.

I think anyone has their own story.

And I think you have your own story.

I think you need to be strong.

I think you need to start with your own heart.

With all your desires.

Let everyone care about you.

Write it today.

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