How this hometown young man supports himself through his blog


Hello there! I'm a young hometown man who makes a living from my blog. I can do it from my hometown with a shallow support platform and environment. I set up my blog with enough budget to get started at the beginning. I have tried it with no hope of something to make it a living way. But time by time, with so much complex work, I finally got everything to support my life. I can do it. And you should as well! 

Since my first blogging over a decade ago, a blog is just a place to share thoughts and connect to friends or people in the local town. I remember very much in my mind that I have to write something new. It gives me a strong feeling about so many connections I will get from it. So, because of that feeling, I have worked hard daily to write new content on my blog. At that time, people care about what I have put on my blog. They read it so much, and I got so much attention.

I blog daily without anything related to money or supporting my life.

Because I don't push myself to work hard for the money, I write everything with my heart and little effort.

If I had something in my mind that I work for money, I think I couldn't go further from that thought. But, sometimes, overthinking can pull me back. It throws me into a hole of no hope and emptiness if I try to think about something for purposes like how to make money from it or how to become a millionaire. 

I have put away the thought of working to make something big or needing to figure out where it will take me. I think hoping too much can cause pain when it doesn't go in the right direction.

I worked on my blog with no purpose the first time. Because if there are plenty of goals when writing something, it will pull you back to the door of success.

If someone works hard for the money on their blog, they won't go too far. There are hundreds of thousands of blogs around the web today, but they only focus on promoting products or writing for some purposes. If you are at your first time blogging and plan to do the same as they do, you are going in the wrong direction. If you work the same like that, you will only go as far as that.

If you work too hard, your health can go downhill. And with so many plans, you need to have more and more strength to move forward. I know this issue first and have never thought about anything like that. 

I repeatedly wrote daily, without plans and purposes; that is the story of my first blogging. And one day, I recognized that I needed to get money from it to support my life. So I tried to open another blog for cash, and finally, I got money from it. But it gives me no meaning in my life. I pull myself down because there is so much hard work to process with more business than personal activities. And then I realized blogging without purpose can not get money, but I feel overwhelmed if there are many goals for money. So I have to make a personal voice and a bit of making money purpose somewhere here or there on my blog to support my life.

If you try to put so many things like promotion purposes into your blog, people just come and focus only on it. They don't even read your words.
They don't even care about you.

If you do that, you will learn a small success and lose your whole goal. Always keep in mind not to write for money. Instead, write about something related to your life, activities, and work. You will win the goal if you follow my direction. You go further to other writing styles for other purposes rather than yourself. Don't try to put a mess that doesn't make you feel hard to proceed.

Sometimes, you will hear here and there around the web today telling about other success stories. Their stories may be accurate, but that is no big deal. The point is that those stories from successful people will help you or pull you back. Think big, work hard, then go through the overwhelming process. 

I think that colossal rock will get more weight over time following you if you follow the steps of successful people. You have to find your own spot and write your own stories to make a new challenge. You don't need to go too far to do something unfamiliar to your work.

I always remember the point. Don't overthink it. Don't overwork. Don't have unrealistic expectations.

My goal is to work little but time by time, more personally rather than for commercial purposes.

I wrote these stories to let you know what I have worked on and all the experiences that I went through in my life.

I have earned money and learned so much value in my life. And, I don't try to put so many messy things on my blog. So, you need to keep in mind that the value of yourself is what you are all about.

I think your time has come. Let's start your blog and write your own stories. 

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