Any blog can go downhill with the wrong foundation and environment


I always keep in mind that the foundation is the most critical aspect of starting a blog from scratch. Any blog starters planning to open a new blog should know this well to ensure their go in the right direction. There are always many pros and cons of the foundation of blogging that anyone on the way to creating a new blog should take care of:

1. Establishing a solid foundation for your blog provides longevity and stability.
2. A well-crafted foundation allows for scalability in the future.
3. A solid foundation can give potential readers/followers more credibility.
4. Starting from scratch allows for greater creative freedom when designing the blog. 
5. Blogs with firm foundations can better handle unexpected changes in the market or environment 

1. Building a blog from scratch takes significant time and effort to get it right. 
2. Creating unique content that stands out from competitors can be challenging without a ready-made framework.
3. There is an increased risk of making mistakes during the initial setup process if done manually rather than with automated tools/software. 
4. It might take longer to gain traction with new readers if starting a blog from scratch since it may not be as easy to find existing followers of similar

If you begin your blog with the wrong groundwork, it may cause time-consuming and hard work or lead you to a messy solve bunch of issues. Your life can not get better and better if you hang around with something that holds you back.

So what is the groundwork to begin any new blog? That's the headache question that new bloggers always search over the internet. 

How much could they be disappointed about the free blogging platform that older bloggers with many years of blogging experience went through at the beginning? They think free resources to create a blog would be easy to deal with, and it no need to config anything. But the truth is always hard to accept. Free blogging resources are just a place for testing blogging skills with a need more environment to grow blogs to higher levels, such as making income and getting more readers and followers.

When they go further and further in their blogging life, from learning basics to making it real and going to a higher level, they realize all the truth about the groundwork to run a blog and how necessary it could be to grow bigger: so many works and a big dream.

The right place to start a new blog will lead you in the right direction of your dream. But when you get your wrong turn, you have to spend time and money for it to upgrade to a higher and higher level.

If you don't want to work hard in the future, let's start with a solid foundation to create a new blog that supports you with an excellent environment to jump into a new big game of blogging. 
Let's start your blog with the proper groundwork here



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